Can’t you almost smell the fresh-baked pizza? 

It’s been a moving day of sorts here at the Bank Building, where key elements of a kitchen under construction arrived this morning courtesy of Emerald Moving & Storage, Inc. 

Most notably, the crew delivered an impressive oven to 609 Main Street, the future home of delicious New York style pizza from Bartolotti’s Pizza and Pasta. 

Owner Steve Shinn’s business has already earned rave reviews in Eugene and Springfield, and excitement is high for the arrival of another location at the Bank Building’s northwest corner.

Blackstone Builders has been hard at work getting the Bank Building ready for its downstairs residents, including Bartolotti’s, for the past few months. The building’s owner, Len Blackstone, said the arrival of much of the kitchen equipment means the restaurant can foreseeably open in the next 1-2 weeks.

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